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Strengthening Our Community: FURI Sport Announces Partnership With Kings County Tennis League (KCTL)

By: Ariana Breckner 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Kings County League Tennis (KCTL), a non-profit dedicated to bringing tennis and education to children living in Brooklyn public housing. As part of this partnership, 100 new FURI Sport children’s tennis rackets will be swinging their appearances on the KCTL courts throughout 2021. We can't wait to unite two powerful communities and to assure that these aspiring athletes begin their tennis careers with high-quality equipment.

"KCTL is a community-centered organization propelled by the commitment of our students' and their families, our volunteers, and local businesses to bring tennis to children living in Brooklyn public housing at no cost to their families," said David Webley, Executive Director of Kings County Tennis League (KCTL)."We are humbled by the generosity of FURI Sport and look forward to sharing its rackets and apparel with the growing KCTL community.”

FURI Sport co-founder Erick Mathelier had the opportunity to share tennis and life lessons with KCTL students. His life trajectory changed because of his passion for tennis–his first plane ride, a Division 1 tennis scholarship, life long friends, and FURI Sport were all possible because he picked up a racket. When the opportunity was presented to develop a partnership with the KCTL community, it was the perfect match (pun intended).

“This is the company’s first big partnership," shared Mathelier. "Born and raised in Brooklyn, this is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for a community that is similar to the environment that I grew up in. As a minority founder, I hope to not only be an inspiration to these students, but to also provide them with high-quality equipment to help them become tennis stars."

As FURI Sport continues to grow and define the values of our brand, partnerships like this are powerful. To truly make an impact, it is not just about donating equipment, there has to be a bigger sense of connection. The athletes are going to learn what it means to be a FURI Sport athlete, and embody the ethos of the brand, "Dream Big and Let it Fly.”

“We are honored to be chosen as one of the first partners of FURI Sport's Give-Back Program," said Wembley. "FURI Sport is a Brooklyn-born company co-founded by Erick Mathelier, who grew up here and whose tennis story will surely inspire our students."

FURI Sport will continue to work with Webley and his team to prepare more of the youth of Brooklyn to be leaders: as athletes and as students. Make sure to follow KCTL on social media (Instagram: @kctennisleague) to keep up-to-date on their happenings.