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BUSINESS OF FASHION: Can Fashion Start-Ups Cash In on the Tennis Boom?

The fashion industry bible Business of Fashion featured FURI Sport in its examination of a new wave of tennis-inspired start-ups that are balancing “the energy of the sport’s increasingly inclusive present with the allure of its exclusive past.”

It mentioned the rise of a new generation of more racially diverse players who are bringing new energy to a once predominantly white country club sport, as well as the growing appeal of recreational tennis during the pandemic.

It added: “Brooklyn-based Erick Mathelier, a former competitive tennis player who trained at Prospect Park Tennis Center and co-founded racquet and clothing brand FURI Sport, which launched last month, wants to strip tennis of its elitist connotations and open up the game to more people, injecting a bit of New York’s street-savvy grit into things along the way.”