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“I have trained with many rackets throughout my career, but FURI SPORT rackets are different. I used to suffer with elbow problems that originated with my other rackets, and the FURI SPORT rackets made it feel so much better. With these rackets, I can hit with a lot more power, but under control. My shots feel so much smoother with the racket as well. I hit with the ARMA LITE racket, but I have tried the ARMA PRO and they both are amazing to hit with. My overall performance has greatly improved, as well as my control, power, and consistency. It has also expanded my sweet spot. The FURI ARMA LITE racket has advanced my game to a whole new level.
Allie S., Junior Tournament Player, New Jersey

ARMA PRO: From the first ball to the last, the ARMA PRO is an experience like no other. Each swing provides effortless power, butter like feel and precise control. FURI SPORT has meticulously developed a racket that feels as if it’s a fluid extension of your arm. 
The C4: A magical blend of spin and power. With this string, you can play any game style with absolute confidence. Be prepared for more bite, extra pop, and control from every area of the court.”
Matt S., Former ATP Touring Pro

"While recovering from injuries, I was having difficulty winning USTA matches.  I began to switch to the FURI SPORT racket in the second sets just to experiment. I found the FURI SPORT racket to be more stable than my own rackets.  I also had less pain with the FURI SPORT. Once I used the FURI SPORT racket for a whole match, I finally got my first USTA win in a long while!"
Nick Y., Junior Tournament Player, New Jersey

"I recently demoed the ARMA PRO and instantly felt like this was the racket I needed to be playing with."
Kelly G., New Jersey

“FURI is a great brand that has really changed my game. I love the pop of the ball as it hits the racket. But not only is the sound really cool, the power and spin is amazing. It also looks cool—everyone I play asks me about my ARMA LITE, and I tell them how much I love it.”
Ethan B., Junior Player

"Playing my best tennis with the ARMA PRO, and C4 string."
Damien R., College Player